Here you will find bindings we have made,
as a record of our journey though this craft

  Coptic Binding  
  Books From here  
  Cloth cover, combined with papers*1 that show the "Ceibo" tree, whose flower is the National Flower of Argentina. Engraved ex libris (bookplates), with the image of the flower.  
  The american ostrich, known as choique, surí oroóiu -in different areas of Argentina- is connected to the rain, because of the movements these birds make before the storms occur.*2  

  Albums with interior pages in kraft paper, stitched page by page so that they lie open on a flat surface.  
  Other things  
  Books bound with cloth and our hand painted papers  
Belgian binding
  *1. Papers of Papelera Palermo  
  * 2. From the book El diseño indígena argentino, by Alejandro E. Fiadone, La marca editora, 2001